Beauty Box Ithaca

317 N. Meadow Street - Ithaca, NY 14850

About the Owner

Hi, I am Laura Cavin, a North Carolina native (and proud Tarheel fan!), who relocated to the Ithaca area back in 1987. This was before the day spa boom, before the internet boom, and before the mass out-flux of New York residents to North Carolina. Call me crazy for staying put in cold, cloudy Ithaca, but I just plain like it here! Wonderful friends, a visually stunning landscape and many appreciative clients keep me knowing every day that I made the right choice.

I began my career in the beauty industry as a salon sales representative and fell in love with the business during that job. In December of 1994, I took the next step and proudly opened Stress Out Massage Therapy and Day Spa. We had much success, first at 120 South Cayuga Street (1994-1999), then at 414 North Tioga Street (1999-2009). It was a good run...a very good run. Then 2009 brought a new year, new challenges and new opportunities. That summer, I purchased my first house in the City of Ithaca, and made plans for my final business endeavor: a solo salon where I could fully concentrate on each client and deliver services that were unique to them. My plan and goal is to make certain that each and every person who steps into my salon leaves it feeling beautful, relaxed and loved.

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